Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working
- Pablo Picasso


About Us

Cool boutique company, who believes you can create any realm to reality. Started in 1997 with a phone call -- that was IMAX®. From there, more companies and more fun projects that turned into award-winning experiences. In a variety of worlds big and small, we’ve been proud to collaborate with remarkable clients in cinema entertainment, 3D/specialty film technologies, corporate and private events, themed attractions, musicians, non-profits, and much more! – LPJ has been behind-the-scenes and sometimes out in front! It’s been a great ride, working throughout North America to across international waters with more journey's ahead!

Our talented teams and colleagues are designers extraordinaire, tireless production professionals, intrepid event facilitators and a host of creative thinkers with a restless spirit for unique and even zany developments! Whether marketing a new business venture, facilitating conference/trade events, producing themed client parties or heartfelt weddings – anything you want to feel or see, we'll make it happen.

Some of Our Events

NOLA's Event -- Downtown LA - Derran Day Premiere
Cannes Film Festival
Morris Day & The Time (Tabernacle in ATL)
Louisiana Group - Henry Turner Jr & Flavor