Strategies and more Strategies?
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We like to write. Our strong suit! Storytelling engagement for the how, the what and... why, of course! Brands, trends, products and pitch. No matter the message, LPJ creates emotional connections across vertical oceans. It's all in the content! We can also also dive into sponsorship at events and bring forth for any function.

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Conferences, Exhibitions & Meetings

LPJ's delivered award-winning facades, incorporating everything from ride attractions, cinema technologies to gourmet cuisine. Partnering with build teams and envelope wizards for large exhibits or taking a personal approach for smaller displays, every project produces client pride. Conferences and meeting planning, mirror the same philosophy, we call it amplified details for solid results.

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Production & Project Management

Using our skill sets and talents, LPJ can extend our hand by offering individual applications for your next project. Productions involving AV presentations or shows, working alongside technical groups to core project management keeping things on track. LPJ will work with your teams for turnkey success!

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Entertainment, Themed Events & More

Themes are today's standard in event worlds. Mostly, inspired design concepts waiting to unfold. Whether corporate parties, charitable events or the small social, LPJ tailors every gathering as a "collaborative showcase." Themed Weddings are LPJ's newest waters. Taking experiential creativity and combining traditional savior-affair, we're passionate about fashioning weddings that are meaningful in every way. Love the centerpiece!

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Your Vision? Evolving Realms.

Take a thought... get an image ... marry ideas. Let it evolve. Like the Dolphins, have fun! We see through our client's lens to create distinctive realms to reality. From private events to marketing promotions and some cool things in between, LPJ is ready to produce your imagination.

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Simple? Not exactly, but we try to make it look that way.

  • Kurt Schwenk
    Laura Peralta-Jones is an energetic, fun-loving and creative events producer and marketing professional, specializing in entertainment and technologies. Tireless planning and attention to detail sums up the company tagline -- always getting the best from LPJ Productions!
    Kurt Schwenk
    KWS Consulting
  • Dina Benadon
    LPJ produces memorable industry and entertainment experiences that engage modern day culture and distinctive brand stories.
    Dina Benadon
    CEO & Executive Producer, Super78